Sunday, September 12

Weekend Wow!!!

Well, this weekend, I didn't exactly follow my own $5 scenarios @ CVS & Walgreens.  However, I had good reason:  I was OUT of makeup.  In my household, it is a SAD day when you run out of makeup.  Lucky for me, CVS & Walgreens had some GREAT deals on Makeup this weekend, so I STOCKED UP!!!!  I also picked up a few other things along the way.  Here's what I got:

Total OOP = $38.74
Total Savings = $35.27 (48%) 

How I did it...

At CVS...
I took advantage of the Physician's Formula Makeup Sale (B1G1 50%) & the BIG Almay ECB's.  

At Walgreens...
I took advantage of the Almay B1G1 50% sale & used some HOT $2/1 coupons that will expire soon.  I also rolled the RR's for the toothpaste into the shampoo purchase.  

At Target...
I stacked coupons for the Febreeze Set & Refresh.  Target had a $0.75/1 coupon to add to the mfg coupon for $1/1.  I happened to have 3, so I bought 3 sets for my classroom...Preteens smell TERRIBLE when they come to music class right from P.E.  This was a WISE purchase :)  I also brought my own bag to get an extra $0.05 off and help take good care of God's creation!  

Hope you have lots of fun using some of my tips and some of your own creativity to find some great wows of your own this week!  Have a super week!  

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