Wednesday, April 14

Tuesday Treats

Oops!  It's Wednesday already, but here are the treats I found in my mailbox grocery circulars yesterday!

Reminder:  If you price match at Wal-Mart (like me) you'll need to take a copy of the store's ad with you and be prepared to show the pictures in the ad to the cashier when you check out.  If you don't receive these same ads in your mailbox, maybe these prices will give you a good hint about what to look for in the ads that you do receive!

Fiesta (4/14-4/20)
Jumbo Navel Oranges $0.50/lb. 

Blue Bell Ice Cream (1/2 gallon) 3/$10

1 lb. fresh strawberries 2/$3

Kool-Aid Mix 10/$1

Snickers, M&M's or Milky Way (single bars) $0.50 

5 lb. bag red or gold potatoes $2.00 ea. 

Cameo or Braeburn Apples $1/lb. 

Anjou Pears $1/lb. 

Super Plaza (4/14-4/20)
Jalapeno Peppers $0.38/lb. 

Fresh Pineapple $1.49 ea. 

Cilantro 5/$0.98

Key Limes 30/$0.98

Save-a-Lot (4/14-4/20)
Bananas 3 lbs./$1

Store Brand Biscuits (10 ct., 7.5 oz. pkg.) 3/$1

1 lb. bag mini carrots $0.99 

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix $0.39 

El Rio Grande (4/14-4/20)
Store Tomato Sauce (8 oz.) 6/$1

Cabbage 3 lbs./$1

Terry's (4/14-4/20)
Store Brand Canned Vegetables (green beans, whole kernel corn, sweet peas, tomatoes) 3/$0.99 

Regular Limes 10/$0.99 

Super 1 Foods (4/14-4/20)
General Mills or Kelloggs Cereal (Selected Varieties, 10.7-13.5 oz.) 2/$3

Kelloggs Cereal (8.7 oz.-15 oz.) 2/$3

Store Brand Shredded or Chunk Cheese (8 oz.) $1.25

Kellogg's Pop Tarts 5/$5 (selected varieties)

Store Brand Biscuits (10 ct.) 3/$0l.99 

Find a deal better than the ones listed here?  Let everyone know by leaving a comment!!!!!

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