Sunday, April 18

Shopping Trip 4/18

Ever wondered what $12.71 will buy @ the drugstore?  I used to think that all it would buy me was a tube of toothpaste and a package of toilet paper if I was lucky.  Now, I KNOW better!  Take a look at what I got today!

2 St. Ives Body Washes
1 NYC Lip Stick
1 NYC Lip Gloss
2 NYC Nail Polishes
1 Kotex U Product
3 St. Ives Facial Scrubs (trial size)
1 Almay Concealer
1 Almay Eye Liner
1 Herbal Essences Mousse
1 reusable shopping bag

Total Out-of-Pocket Cost = $12.71

I hope this inspires you to clip a few extra coupons this week!  If you've also found a good deal, leave a comment here and let everyone know about it!

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