Friday, November 19

Hittin' the High Spots

Hi Everyone!!!

I apologize for my recent "absence" online... It has been a very busy past few weeks!  Until the new year, my posting will probably be sporadic at best, but I'll try to "hit the high spots" as my Mom used to say.  :)  (That has always been one of her favorite sayings when referring to cleaning house when you're in a time crunch!  I must admit, I do "hit the high spots" when I'm cleaning house more often than I'd like.)

Tonight I've posted a few of the "high spots" for your Thanksgiving shopping.  Don't miss the good deal on Imperial sugar @ Kroger or the turkeys @ Kroger & Albertsons!  Thanks for your patience with me while I press forward through concert season @ school!  I'll look forward to being back to my regular posts soon!

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