Friday, October 22 Deal

I don't usually blog about national deals, but this one is TOO GOOD to not say something about. is having an 80% off sale on their gift certificates to local eateries all around the country.  Normally, they sell $25 gift certificates for $10.  This weekend, however, they're selling those for 80% off when you add the code PUMPKIN to your cart, which makes the $25 gift certificate cost $2!!!!!!!!  

A few things you need to know before you indulge: 
  • features LOCALLY owned eateries.  Don't go looking for chain restaurants on there; you won't find them. 
  • There are "strings" attached to the offers.  For example, on *most* (some have different rules) of the $25 gift certificates, your total bill has to be at least $35 before they'll let you use the gift certificate.  This means you'll spend at least $10 out of pocket when you go to the restaurant plus gratuity.  However, I still think that getting a $35 dinner for $12 (including the cost of the gift certificate) is a GREAT deal!  
  • The certificates are good for about a year from purchase, so don't buy more than you can use within a year.  
  • Broaden your zip code search for restaurants to at least 15 or 20 miles to get the largest selection of restaurants in your area.  I don't know about you, but I'm willing to drive a few minutes to get a good (but inexpensive!) dinner :)  Consider it an adventure, and make a date out of it!  
Thanks, Saving with Shellie, for the tip!!!  

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